Friday, January 11, 2008

My Wife is the Real Prize...

I am hi-jacking Melissa's blog and inserting a post showing off something she did for me recently. I teach historical fencing at our daughters' school and towards the end of last year we held a tournament. I wanted to give out some nice prizes to the finalists, but trophies for historical fencing aren't that common (actually, they don't exist at all!).

I spied some knight magnets at a local junk shop and raided Melissa's wood pile for some plaques. I sprayed the plaques with metallic copper spray paint and was going to stick the magnets on when Melissa saw what I was doing and said "STOP". The style police had made an arrest!

Fortunately Melissa fixed up my horrible rushed spray paint job, put a gold edging on the plaques and mounted the magnets. When all was dried and set, she was going to sit down and letter it properly when I revealed to her exactly when it had to be done by. I handed her a Sharpie pen and she saved my butt. Se even put them in protective baggies for me. And all of this after she had spent all day working!

They turned out about a hundred times better than I would have done them and the kids, when they got them at their school assembly, thought they were being presented with the World Cup.

Thanks Sweety. Love you.

Skirts, Skirts and more Skirts

Late last year before my sewing machine was going crazy, I decided to start making some skirts for my girls. I am a huge lover and collector of chenille and I would love to make so many things out of chenille including shorts, dresses, cushions and more.

Well finally here are the skirts I made the girls and would you believe it took me only about 15 to 20 minutes each to make these beauties.

Don't they look great. I am so proud and the kids love them and look great in them. We had just come back from the pool and decided to wear them home.

The next day daughter one's friend came over and I decided to make one for her because her dress was a little dirty and I thought while I was washing her dress, as she liked them too. So here hers is and also I embroidered I quick heart on the skirt. My kids wanted one on theirs but I have not done this yet.

What do you think? Ain't they great!

Paid forward

A couple of weeks ago I received my pif from Sarah at Pink-Petal-Designs. she sent me a lovely parcel. I love buttons and this paper had a pretty button flowers going on.

When I opened the parcel it contained a cute handmade pocket tissue holder and a beautiful material covered book.

I just wanted to say a big thank you and send a huge kiss to Sarah for first accepting me for the pif and secondly to send such lovely and thoughtful pressies to me. Thank you!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

elf name....

I saw this on fabricologist Anonymous by Lissa Jane and I thought I would have a go and laugh!

Your Elf Name Is...

Minty Snaggle Tooth

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Material Pretties

I have that much chenille and no matter how much I have I wants more of them...and these are no exception.
These have an American accent and I absolutely adore them. I definitely had to show you these.....


I've been leaving messages on blogs for a while now and have been aching to have and write one for ages. I finally got my arse into gear and two seconds into doing it I decided to participate in a "Pay-It-Forward (PIF)" that Sarah at Pink-Petal-Designs was doing. God help me!

So, here is goes! The first three people who leave a message and say that they want to participate in the PIF will receive a handmade "something" or two from me within 365 days. Then they have to spread the joy by placing on their blog a PIF challenge.

The first three comments will be contacted by email to obtain your snail mail address, so I can send your pressies to you.


This is Monster. He was made by the very talented Jodie of Ric-Rac. Isn't he GORGEOUS?

Jodie had a wonderful craft give away, and my husband David and I were lucky enough to be the new family of Monster.

(David joked that there's a monster in his pocket, and it's all because of Jodie!)

Isn't he lovely! If you haven't done so already go and visit her blog. You should look at her work- Beautiful stuff!!!

She is one of the reasons that I started blogging!
Does Monster look happy!!
Monster has gone from one house of chenille to another!